The Peanut Butter Falcon film was excellent because it was a film about friends, and I feel that we all need these whether or not we have a learning disability.

The main character, Zak, seemed to be very loyal and found it easy to befriend people; this made him my favourite character. He was also very spontaneous and just seemed to get on with what he was doing. 

I could relate to Zak as like him, I was also seen in an unfavourable way at times growing up, and I am also now supported like Zak is, but in a slightly different way. 

The film made me feel that people with a learning disability are as equal as most people and deserve the chance to have a fulfilling life. I didn’t feel sad watching this as more often than not, it was an upbeat movie.  

The film portrays a person with a learning disability correctly. Most people encounter negative attitudes throughout their lives and often need extra support. Generally, they just want to live an independent life however this is not always possible due to their circumstances. 

In the past, talented actors have typically played people with a learning disability, but this time the actor who plays the main role of Zak has Down’s syndrome himself. His real-life experiences of living with a learning disability I think help to make the character seem more believable. 

I feel that this film is about being on the road, leading a fulfilling life regardless of their learning disability and finally, friendship. 

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Peanut Butter Falcon film poster with two men and one woman stood on the front.
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