As a sports co-trainer at Mencap, Abdul wants everyone with a learning disability to feel the benefits of being active – things like fun, friendship and fitness!  He thinks Learning Disability Week is the perfect time to talk about how taking part in sports with others can help build confidence and a community spirit. 

“Learning Disability week is really important to me, because it allows so many people with a learning disability like me to get recognised and valued for things they are able to achieve, like being included in sports-related activities. People really come out of their shells! 

I’m a football coach who has an eye condition and mild learning disability. But I have fun with this and manage to motivate others."

Abdul: A sports co-trainer at Mencap

"I really feel that this is completely important because of the types of barriers we can help to remove and lift away from people with learning disability in their community. I also love making huge difference in bringing all the positive and fun opportunities to people. It can really lift peoples’ spirits.” 

“You get a real community by taking part in sports. I have so many brilliant friends through taking part, and I know loads of sports coaches who are always ready to help so many people with a learning disability in their communities. I also have sports coaches who are my friends and workmates that are a massive influence to myself, telling me that I should never give up.”