You can help people with a learning disability

We hope that your loved one will enjoy the Trust you set up for them during their lifetime.

If there is anything left after it, you can help another person with a learning disability fulfill their wishes too. 

A Discretionary Trust is usually closed after the person who it was set up for, passes away.

Any funds left in the Trust are then paid to people you nominate to benefit from the Trust. 

You can choose Mencap to be the final beneficiary, or one of the final beneficiaries, of your Trust.

This means that any funds left in the Trust after your loved on passes away, can help people with a learning disability in the future.

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Including Mencap in your Trust can help you too

You can keep your Trust discretionary by naming Mencap as a beneficiary.

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A Discretionary Trust must always have more than one beneficiary who can potentially benefit from the Trust. The more beneficiaries you include, the better.

You want to avoid your loved one being left as the only beneficiary. 

Beneficiaries do not have any fixed right to receive money from the Trust. They only have the potential right to receive a benefit, guided by your wishes and the Trustees discretion.  

Having a longstanding beneficiary like Mencap can ensure your Trust remains discretionary, even if the other people you name as beneficiaries pass away. This way, the Trust can continue to provide financial protection for your loved one.

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