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Quality and practice

Our focus is on delivering services for people with a learning disability that offer great experiences, quality of life, and peace of mind for families

We know if you need support in your life it’s important to choose a service that’s right for you and that meets your wants and needs.

We provide support services for more than 4,500 people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland with a learning disability . We’re proud of the services we provide, which we run with care and thoughtfulness.

Mencap values

We have a set of values that are very important to us, which describe how we work. We are:

  • passionate about making the world a better place
  • inclusive of everyone
  • brave - challenging and trying new things
  • positive in our work and with each other
  • kind

Find out more about how we can support you.

Are you a family member or carer to someone with a learning disability?

As a parent or carer, we know it is very important for you to know that your loved one is safe and in a good environment.  

We offer your support in a range of ways, and currently have more than 100 registered care homes, and over 60 domiciliary care agencies providing support to people in their own homes.

Want to know what the Care Quality Commission thinks of services run by Mencap in your area? Read our latest CQC ratings.

Driving up quality

In order to maintain our commitment to ensuring high quality services, Mencap has partnered up with the Driving Up Quality code. You can find our Annual Self-Assessment PDF here.

How we work with you

Making sure our services meet the standards set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) is very important. We also value being open with you about how we can support you in the best possible way. 

To make sure we get this right, we need to earn your trust and for you to see that we work in a caring and considerate way. We will listen carefully to what you tell us, and make sure we keep doing the things that work well and improve the things that don’t.

You need to know that when we provide care you and your family are supported in the right way. Mencap has a person centred approach which means we work with you to develop a plan that describes how we will support you.

Doing this means we can make sure that you are listened to, and that we are involving you in every part of your life. Our staff hold reflection days where you, your family and our team can come together to talk about what works well and what you would like to change. This is an opportunity to look at how we are doing in supporting you, and to make things more successful in the future.

Do you have a compliment or complaint?

We're always happy to be told when we have done something well. Equally, if you feel dissatisfied or unhappy about something we've done then please email us or fill in the form. 

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