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GP Surgery

Find out how to get support from the doctor at your GP surgery.

Don't miss out on extra support

People with a learning disability are at high risk of missing out on the healthcare they need. To use healthcare services, and to look after your health, you may need extra support from your GP surgery. Mencap has created these four leaflets to help you get extra support from the doctor at your GP surgery. 

Leaflet 1: getting help when visiting the doctor

Guide 1 tells you why it's important to get support when visiting the doctor, and introduces you to the kind of support you can get. 

Man at the doctors

Leaflet 2: How to join the Learning Disability register

Leaflet 2 tells you how to make sure your doctor knows you have a learning disability, and how to join the learning disability register at your GP surgery. 

Lady at the doctors

Leaflet 3: getting a health check each year

Leaflet 3 tells you more about annual (once a year) health checks, which can help you stay healthy, and give you the chance to get to know your GP better. 

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Leaflet 4: How to ask your GP surgery to make things easier for you

Leaflet 4 is all about reasonable adjustments at the GP surgery. Reasonable adjustments are helpful changes to the way a service works to make it easier for disabled people. 

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