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Me Time

Me Time is a Mencap community-led social inclusion and leisure programme. It helps people with a learning disability develop skills and confidence to access local events and activities.

What is Me Time?

Mencap Me Time

Me Time offers community day opportunities and support to people with a learning disability .

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Day opportunities are a type of service where you can take part in activities outside your home. 

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Me Time can help build your confidence.

A group of people doing a conga dance in a garden

It can help you make new friends.

A woman is helping another woman to chop vegetables at a kitchen sink

Me Time can also help you learn new skills.

How can I join Me Time?

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To find out more about Me Time, or to join a Me Time programme:

  • Contact your local Me Time service.
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  • Ask your social worker or support worker for help.   

Michael's story

When Michael joined Islington Me Time he was very shy, but soon got talking about his love of soul, funk and disco music.  

Michael is now a regular presenter on Islington Me Time's Our Radio show.

He has also got more involved in his community, regularly volunteering at his local Parkrun and was ‘Highly Commended’ at the Islington Volunteer of the Year Awards.  

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How does Me Time work?

A woman is choosing to do music rather than painting

You tell Me Time the things you are interested in and they type of activities you would like to try.

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A Me Time programme coordinator will listen to you to find out what you are good at.

A programme coordinator is someone who works at Me Time.

They will help you become even better at the things you like to do.

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We have Me Time services in many different places across England.

Volunteer with Me Time

Me Time are often looking for volunteers to help with activities or with specific events.

Check the Mencap volunteering page for our current opportunities or get in touch with the programme coordinator at your local Me Time directly. 

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Frequently asked questions

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