For parents and carers

Advice and information for parents, carers and family members of someone with a learning disability.

Hearing the news: getting a diagnosis

Hearing the news that your child has a learning disability is a huge shock for any parent, and brings new emotions and challenges.

Having a child with a learning disability

Finding out that your child has a learning disability can be a confusing and emotional time for parents.

Telling other people about your child's learning disability

After receiving a diagnosis you, as a parent, will have to face explaining your child's learning disability to other people.

Brothers, sisters and the family

Having a child with a learning disability can have a massive impact on the whole family.

The PANTS campaign

Mencap and NSPCC has teamed up to produce a new guide to help keep children safe from sexual abuse

Mission to Lars - a film about brothers and sisters

The film Mission to Lars is about Tom Spicer who has Fragile X syndrome, a form of autism. He has a dream to meet his hero - Lars Ulrich - and his sister Kate tries to make that happen.

Real life stories

Read stories from other parents about their experiences of having a child with a learning disability.

Parent's guide to internet safety

Find out more about being safe on the internet in our guide for parents.