Sexuality and relationships advice and support

If you have a learning disability, or you know someone who does, we can help you find the right advice and support about sexuality and relationships. 

We know this can be an awkward thing to talk about. But people with a learning disability have the same rights as anyone else to express their sexuality and have personal and sexual relationships if they want to.  

Advice you can trust

Getting the right advice on sexuality and relationships is important. We’ve gathered a handy list of recommended resources – which you can access and download here.

This includes advice on a wide range of topics which we believe are important for good relationships and sex education, including: 

  • body awareness
  • consent
  • LGBT+ identities
  • qualities of healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • sexual health and safe sex.

Love doesn't discriminate

"I love him the way he is."
We dream of a world where people with a learning disability have the same opportunities in life as everyone else – and that includes the right to a loving relationship. 

Watch our #CelebrateTheLove video. 

Two young woman sat next to each other on a sofa, looking at a booklet, reading it together

Sign up for befriending

We know that people with a learning disability already experience high levels of loneliness and social isolation and that this will only have been made worse by coronavirus.

Befriending can help. 

So please get in touch with us to:

  • find out more about befriending
  • see what befriending options are available in your area
  • receive information on setting up a befriending service.

Email us at to find out more.

Email our befriending team

How to get the support you need

Phone or email the Learning Disability Helpline, which is our advice and support service, for guidance and information about what support we can offer you.

Or why not take a look at our online community? This is a place for parents and family carers of people with a learning disability to share experiences, advice and support.

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