Stay up late

People with a learning disability have the right to Stay Up Late and have fun just like everyone else!

The ‘Stay Up Late' campaign was started by Heavy Load, a punk-rock band formed of people with and without a learning disability. They started the campaign because people with a learning disability were having to leave their gigs and go home early because their support workers had come to the end of their shifts.

Mencap believes that:
  • People and organisations providing support should be flexible.
  • Local authorities should make sure that people with a learning disability are provided with the right support so that they can ‘Stay Up Late'.
If you want to ‘Stay Up Late'...
  • Tell your care provider - we have produced a green card that you can use to tell your staff when you would like to go out late.
  • If the green card doesn't work, you should write to your local authority. We have produced a sample letter to help you.
Show your support for staying up late!

Download the 'Stay Up Late' campaigns pack