Research and statistics on health

People with a learning disability tend to have poorer physical and mental health than the general population.

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Health and people with a learning disability

Health inequalities that people with a learning disability can experience are partly caused by poor quality healthcare.

As well as this, there are a number of health conditions that people with a learning disability are more likely to experience, including epilepsy and dementia.

We have put research and statistics on health and learning disability into 2 main topics:

  • Health inequalities
  • Mental health

Read more about each of these topics below.

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Treat Me Well

Treat Me Well is our campaign to transform how the NHS treats people with a learning disability in hospital.

We know the treatment people with a learning disability get in hospital is still not good enough in many parts of the country. 

This has to change. 

Find out more about the campaign including how you can get involved and show your support.

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