Out of sight

Stop the neglect and abuse of people with a learning disability in institutions like Winterbourne View

We have been campaigning over the last three years to make sure the government takes action to stop abuse happening and enable people to return home from institutions like Winterbourne View.

Last year, the government published its Winterbourne View final report with an action plan for local areas to make this happen by June 2014.

The deadline is here. But there are still 3,250 people with a learning disability stuck in units. There has been an appalling failure to meet the target set out by government.

Not only has there been no progress, but recent figures show more people with a learning disability are going into units than are leaving them. Mencap and the Challenging Behaviour Foundation’s new report Winterbourne View: The Scandal Continues highlights the shocking situation.

Take action

Tell the Prime Minister to take personal responsibility and address the failure to date to make this happen. Sign the petition

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Infographic: everyone should have a place to call home

See our latest infographic which shows that people with a learning disability are at high risk of risk of abusive and restrictive practices in settings like Winterbourne View.

Infographic: Winterbourne View - has anything changed?

See our infographic, which shows what has happened since the abuse scandal at Winterbourne View, including where the Winterbourne View 48 are now, a timeline of key events and a map of how many people from regional areas are currently in in-patient units.

The Hospital That Stopped Caring

Watch a clip from BBC's Panorama programme, The Hospital That Stopped Caring, first broadcast in 2012 as a follow-up to the Panorama programme aired in May 2011, which exposed horrific abuse at Winterbourne View. This short clip features the stories of Simon and Simone who were at Winterbourne View and what has happened to them since.

Key actions in the government's report

The report commits the government to a programme of change, which will be led by a national team. The programme aims to reduce the number of people with a learning disability who are being sent away to assessment and treatment units like Winterbourne View.

Out of sight report

Out of sight is a campaign report by Mencap and the Challenging Behaviour Foundation and tells the stories of James, Chrissy, Joe, Emmanuel and Victoria. In the report, their families talk about the terrible neglect and abuse their loved ones have experienced in institutions like Winterbourne View, often far away from home.

Josh's story

Josh is one of the many children and adults who remain inappropriately in units hundreds of miles from their homes and the people who love them.

Simone's story

Simone was one of many residents that suffered abuse at Winterbourne View up until it was exposed by Panorama. This is her story...

Simon's story

Simon was one of many residents that suffered abuse at Winterbourne View up until it was exposed by Panorama. This is his story...

James' story

Watch James’ story to find out why we need your help to persuade the government to make changes to the way they provide services for people with a learning disability and behaviour that challenges.

Rhys' story

Rhys is a young man with severe learning disabilities, autism and behaviour that challenges. After living in a residential placement out of area, he is now back living in his local community, in his own place with the right support. His mum, Jackie, describes what life is now like for him.

Case study: How Salford is making it happen

Supporting people with a learning disability and behaviour that challenges is everyone’s job – social care and health professionals, commissioners, provid

Support and advice for families

If you are worried about the care of a loved one and need support or advice, call Mencap Direct on 0808 808 1111 or the Challenging Behaviour Foundation on 0845 602 7885.