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Make their wish your Will

We’ve created an easy-to-follow guide about leaving a gift in your Will. In it you’ll find: 

  • Practical information about making your Will 

  • Answers to frequently asked questions about Wills and leaving a gift to Mencap 

  • Inspiring stories of people with a learning disability who are achieving their dreams thanks to gifts in Wills 

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“I chose to leave a gift in my Will to Mencap in memory of my sister, June, who had Down’s syndrome. June was an amazing person. I’m lucky that she was my sister. 

There’s one thing that I think should apply to every person, and certainly to everyone with a learning disability – and that is to be treated with dignity. So I hope that my gift means others get the support and understanding they need.”  

Cynthia, Mencap supporter 

Thank you for considering this special gift

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your gift further, our Gifts in Wills team is here to help. Please call Josie on 020 7696 6917 or email