Supporting parents after the loss of a child

Mencap Cymru, in partnership with the University of Wales in Bangor, ran a project to find out more about the support available to parents after the loss of a child with a learning disability. The project took place over three years, beginning in 2004 with a consultation with families, Cruse Bereavement counsellors and the All Wales Parents and Carers forum. All agreed that there was a lack of support and information available to parents who had lost a child.

We then contacted a number of families through Mencap Cyrmu and the Down's Heart Group - a support group who provide advice and support for people with Down's syndrome and heart difficulties, and their families. These families shared their experiences of losing a child or a grandchild and spoke of many common experiences, including:

  • the belief that health services could have been better organised
  • finding a lack of people to talk to about their loss
  • the experience of finding positive experiences in the death of their loved one, such as a career change.

As a result of the project findings, we hope to provide families with better access to support and information after the loss of a child. We also want to raise awareness amongst healthcare professionals and support services about what families might experience during a bereavement, and how best to support them during this time.

Key findings

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Case studies

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