Information and advice

Mencap Cymru's services team provide a wide range of support services to help people live the lives they want to live. Mencap Cymru provides information and advice to people with a learning disability, their families and carers, and professionals.

We can help interpret information, and can offer guidance on accessing services, healthcare, welfare and benefits, education, and other areas which are important to people with a learning disability.

Mencap WISE

Mencap WISE is a free service that offers support, advice and information in English and Welsh. This new service is available to everyone in Wales, whether you are a person with a learning a learning disability, a family member or a friend. We can give you the information you need to understand the rights of people with a learning disability and to support them to access services or challenge decisions.


Call our freephone service:

0808 8000 300
Monday to Friday
9am – 5pm

You can also email

Employment and volunteering

Mencap Cymru's Work Preparation service provides a 12 week programme for people with a learning disability.

Mencap WISE

Mencap WISE is a free service offering information and support on learning disability issues for people in Wales

Ychydig bach o waed

Yn ddiweddar, cysylltodd Carys* â Llinell Gymorth Anabledd Dysgu Cymru; mae wedi ysgrifennu yma am ei phrofiad.

A little bit of blood

Carys* recently contacted The Wales Learning Disability Helpline, here she writes about her experience

Brwydr mam

Mae Kelly yw Fam. Mae’n dweud wrthym am ei phrofiad gyda’r Gwasanaethau Cymdeithasol, a’i brwydr i gael ei phlant yn ôl.

Pecynnau Gwybodaeth Gyfreithiol Anabledd Dysgu

Mae Mencap Cymru yn lansio set o Becynnau Gwybodaeth Gyfreithiol sy’n ymdrin â hawliau pobl ag anabledd dysgu ar bynciau sy’n amrywio o dai ac addysg i iechyd a gofal cymdeithasol.

Learning Disability legal toolkits

We have launched a set of Legal Toolkits covering the rights of people with a learning disability on topics ranging from housing and education to health and social care.

A mother’s fight

Kelly is a mother. She tells us about her experience of Social Services and her fight to get her children back.

Legal toolkits: know your rights

Download our free legal toolkits, produced by Mencap Cymru and Cardiff Law School. The toolkits are designed to help people with a learning disability, their families and carers to access health and social care services in Wales.

Mae un alwad yn gwneud gwahaniaeth

Ychydig flynyddoedd yn ôl hysbysebwyd Llinell Gymorth Anabledd Dysgu Cymru ar raglen yn ymwneud â Throsedd Casineb. Pan welodd Dewi* hyn penderfynodd ein ffonio ni

One call makes a difference

When Dewi saw The Wales Learning Disability Helpline advertised on a programme about hate crime he decided to ring us. He never imagined how much this would change his life.

Happy holidays thank to helpline

Sam and his family enjoyed a free holiday courtesy of the Helpline. Find out how.

Cefnogaeth yn eich argyfwng

Mae anabledd dysgu ar Aled ac mae’n byw ar ei ben ei hun. Mae’n annibynnol iawn; mae’n gyrru ac yn ymdopi’n dda o ddydd i ddydd. Mae'n derbyn cefnogaeth gan y Llinell Gymorth Anabledd Dysgu Cymru.

Support in your crisis

Aled has a learning disability and lives by himself. He is a very independent, drives and manages well day to day. He has received support from the Wales Learning Disability helpline.