Mencap Cymru believes that change is possible for people with a learning disability in Wales. Mencap Cymru campaigns and lobbies so that people with a learning disability are listened to, valued equally and included.

We want to make sure that they are respected by their communities, get the healthcare and education that's right for them, and ensure that transport, public spaces, and important information are accessible.

We can assist people with a learning disability to influence change in their areas, and can help them take issues up with local politicians and councils.

If you are someone with a learning disability who wants support to campaign for something locally, please call the Wales Learning Disability Helpline on 0808 808 1111 or email


In 2004, Mencap Cymru launched the Treat Me Right campaign. This campaign targeted the health inequalities suffered by people with a learning disability across Wales


In June 2008, Mencap Cymru launched its employment campaign 9 - 5.

Llwyddiant arddangosfa gyntaf Clywed y Cyn-guddiedig

Mae arddangosfa gyntaf Clywed y Cyn-guddiedig yn adrodd storïau cleifion a staff o gyn sefydliad ar gyfer pobl ag anabledd dysgu wedi ei lansio yn Amgueddfa Abertawe.

Hidden Now Heard’s first exhibition success

Hidden Now Heard's first exhibition telling the stories of patients and staff of a former institution for people with a learning disability was launched at Swansea Museum.

Dydy hi yn rhy hwyr i bleidleisio

Roedd Alun* yn arfer taflu ei gerdyn pleidleisio yn y bin. Darllenwch fwy am sut mae hyn wedi newid

It’s not too late to vote

Alun* used to throw his voting card in the bin. See how this had changed.

Keep safe card Cymru launched

Mencap Cymru, Learning disability services and South Wales police have launched a unique scheme designed to make people more aware of their personal safety, to encourage reporting of crime (especially hate crime) and to seek help if they need it.

Claire is home

20 year old Claire Dyer enjoys spending time with her family out in the community. In August she was sent to an Assessment and Treatment unit five hours away from her parents. After amassing nearly 100,000 signatures on a petition she is now back with her family. Find out more about Claire’s inspiring story.

A passport to better treatment

Find out how a Hospital passport could help you!

Ffrindiau sydd o fudd

Yr newyddion diweddaraf am bartneriaeth elusen y flwyddyn gyda Land Securities.

Cynhadledd Europe in Action

Ym mis Mai, ymgasglodd dros 200 o bobl ag anabledd dysgu a gofalwyr teuluol o dair cenedl Ewropeaidd ar hugain yn Belfast ar gyfer cynhadledd ‘Europe in Action – Inclusion Europe’.

Friends with benefits

Find out about Mencap's latest charity of the year partnership with Land Securities.

Europe in Action conference 2014

In May, over 200 people with a learning disability and family carers from 23 European nations gathered in Belfast for Inclusion Europe’s Europe in Action conference.

Offenders with a learning disability need support

Delegates at a conference in Cardiff in June heard how many people with a learning disability face miscarriages of justice, simply because they are misunderstood and not appropriately supported.