As part of personalisation, individuals should be given a clear amount of funding called a personal budget.

Personalisation is a new approach to adult social care, designed to ensure that local authorities start with the person and not the service. It signals a radical departure from the existing way that funding is spent, and is being viewed as a transformation of adult social care.

Under the old model of social care, social services act on behalf of individuals to commission services - such as supported living or day services. In the future individuals will instead be able to purchase the support they need themselves.

As part of personalisation, individuals should be given a clear amount of funding which they can use in ways and at times of their choice. This may be called a personal budget or an individual budget. It will form part of an agreed support plan, with set outcomes.

The money can be paid directly to the individual, or it can be held on their behalf by the local authority or another agency and spent by them as the individual chooses.

Personalisation information events

Mencap is holding a series of free personalisation information events in Staffordshire and Bath to provide more information about personal budgets.

Personalisation for people with a learning disability and their families

Personalisation is the key change that will affect the way support for people with a learning disability, their families and carers is delivered and funded. 

Mencap and personalisation

Mencap is defined by the individuals, families and carers we support.

Key words and terms

You may hear the following words and terms when discussing personalisation and personalised services: