Housing: a place to call home

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Housing options tailored to meet the needs of people with a learning disability in locations of their choice. Provided in partnership with Golden Lane Housing (GLH).

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Great Tenants

Enables people with a learning disability to rent in their chosen area. Golden Lane Housing act as the landlord and liaise directly with tenants.

Our House

Allows families to leave their home to loved ones, or to buy property to give them a secure future.

My Place

An arrangement whereby a person with a learning disability, or a family, or group of people, contribute to the purchase of a property in partnership with Golden Lane Housing, who then manage and maintain it.

Ordinary Houses, Ordinary Streets

Provides properties bought by GLH that are adapted where necessary, before being let to individuals or groups.

Supported landlord's services

Golden Lane Housing, as a supported landlord, works to ensure that everyone moves into a suitable home and receives the right support for his or her needs.

Strength in partnership

In order to support individuals, Golden Lane Housing works in partnership with many different people and organisations.

Who to contact

Find out who to contact from Golden Lane Housing.

Paul's story

After many years of living with other people, Paul moved in to his own flat last year.

Jason's story

With support from Mencap's personal support and housing staff, Jason was finally able to move into a flat on his own.

Robert's story

With the help of Golden Lane Housing, Robert is living independently with support.