We want to make rights a reality for people with a learning disability. The inequalities and discrimination experienced by people with a learning disability throughout their lives are well known. Whilst equality and anti-discrimination legislation has gone some way to highlighting what needs to be done, people with a learning disability continue to be denied the same rights and opportunities as others in their community.

We lobby the government and public bodies to make sure policies and law do not discriminate against people with a learning disability. We work in partnership with other organisations and promote the rights and interests of people with a learning disability through our involvement in networks on children, young people, disability, equality and human rights.

Europe in Action 2014

Europe in Action 2014 an exciting opportunity to take part in an annual European conference that is being held in Belfast for the first time.

Campaigns updates

Find out about campaigns updates in Northern Ireland including conferences and legislation.

Welfare reform

The welfare reform bill was introduced to the Northern Ireland Assembly on 1 October 2012 and proposes radical changes to Northern Ireland’s welfare and social security system.

Fighting cuts in learning disability services

Find out more about Mencap in Northern Ireland's campaigning work against cuts to learning disability services. 

Campaigns about children and young people

Mencap Northern Ireland works with other organisations through the Children with Disabilities Strategic Alliance (CDSA) to promote the rights of disabled children in Northern Ireland.

Changing Places

Our Changing Places campaign is calling for fully accessible toilets (including a hoist, changing bench and plenty of space) to be installed in all big public places.

Hate crime

Everyone should be able to go out and about without fear of being called names, being harassed or being the victim of crime. Mencap is working with other organisations to help put a stop to hate crime.

All Party Group on Learning Disability

The All Party Group (APG) on Learning Disability aims to promote better understanding of the issues facing people with a learning disability and their families in Northern Ireland.