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Carers with a learning disability

The number of people with a learning disability who care for parents, partners and children is rising. But are they receiving more recognition and support?

Fashion photoshoot

For a second year, creative director Gary Harvey teamed up with Viewpoint to create a stunning set of images of people with a learning disability.


In June, the government launched a new employment strategy for people with a learning disability in England.

Sex and relationships

Lucy Baxter’s frank comments about her son’s sex life have generated wider debate about sex and relationships for people with a learning disability.

The health ombudsman report

This March the health ombudsman published her final report on the deaths of six people who died in NHS care. For the families it was a chance for justice, but has it given them the answers they wanted?

Valuing People Now

After a new minister, a new national director, a consultation and a healthcare investigation, the government’s learning disability plans are finally with us. But can they make a real difference?


In recent years the government has increasingly championed the ‘personalisation’ of social care services. While the vision is sound, is personalisation working in practice? 


Has a crackdown on jokes targeting race, religion and sexuality left learning disability as the last acceptable punchline? And why has new film Tropic Thunder caused such a storm?

Councils responsible for third party abuse?

In May 2008, Hounslow council was ordered to pay £100,000 compensation to a couple who both have a learning disability and were subjected to abuse by their neighbours. The landmark ruling is the first to hold a local authority responsible for protecting vulnerable adults from ‘third parties’.

Partnership Boards

Are partnership boards making change happen? Mencap, on behalf of the Learning Disability Taskforce, commissioned some research to find out.

Parents with a learning disability

More and more people with a learning disability are choosing to become parents yet between 40-60% of them will at some stage have their children taken away from them.

Faith and learning disability

With statutory services and large charities being accused of failing people with a learning disability – especially those from black and minority ethnic communities – people will often turn to their own communities and faiths for support.

Katie Thorpe

A mother’s request to have her severely disabled daughter’s womb removed to prevent future problems is likely to be decided in the courts.

Ashley X

The case of nine-year-old Ashley hit the headlines earlier last year as debate raged over the parents’ decision to stop her growth.