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Family carers

To coincide with this year’s Parents’ Week, we hear about the highs and lows of everyday life from four parents of people with a learning disability

An EastEnd dream

Elliot Rosen always wanted to be in EastEnders – now his dream has come true, as he joins the cast of the soap for two episodes.

The national forums

Funding cuts are having an impact on forums designed to give a voice to people with a learning disability and their families. Adaptation is the key to their survival.

Disability hate crime

For many people with a learning disability, harassment and abuse are part of everyday life. During June’s Learning Disability Week, Mencap launched the ‘Stand by me’ campaign to raise awareness of hate crime and put a stop to it.

Winterbourne View

The BBC’s Panorama programme exposed systematic abuse of people with a learning disability at Winterbourne View residential hospital. But what are the next steps?

Special Olympics Summer Games

Tennis player Shain Lewis was one of 157 athletes who represented Great Britain at the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens, Greece, from 25 June to 4 July. He shares his diary of the Games.

Personal budgets and personalisation

This March marks a milestone for the number of people using personal budgets in England. But as budgets are cut, can the personalisation of services still be achieved?

Supporting parents with a learning disability

The number of parents with a learning disability is rising, but they are not getting the support they need to being up their children. A new project aims to change this by working to educate medical professionals.

Cuts and the comprehensive spending review

October's comprehensive spending review included cuts to local government funding and changes to the welfare system, which could have a significant impact on people with a learning disability.

Changes to the benefit system

The current benefits system is complex. But plans to reform it could have a lasting impact for people with a learning disability.

Barriers to housing

Housing is high on the list of issues that impact on the health, wellbeing and inclusion of people with a learning disability. There are many barriers to getting the right home – but there are solutions too.

The future of social care

Before the general election the former government promised to ‘fundamentally change our system of care' by launching a National Care Service. With a new coalition government in power, which way now for a social care system in financial crisis?

Accessible elections

The 2010 general election will take place in a matter of months. And it has never been more important for people with a learning disability to use their vote.

Review of the decade

As we enter the 2010s, Viewpoint looks back on the past decade’s highs and lows for people with a learning disability.