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19 May 2015
Matrix standard award recognises achievements in supporting people’s work and life goals
7 May 2015
Thousands of people with a learning disability vote to help decide the next government
Easy read
24 April 2015
Mencap has produced easy read versions of the election manifestos of the four main political parties
21 April 2015
Responsive service will provide support for tenants in their homes
15 April 2015
Five major parties met the Disability Benefits Consortium ahead of General Election
13 April 2015
More than 30 people take part in Brighton Marina event
1 April 2015
New Act is a big change in law around social care
25 March 2015
Petitions featuring nearly 300,000 signatures handed to 10 Downing Street
Natalie and John with their son Oisin
16 March 2015
1 in 5 local authorities provide no Portage services whatsoever, despite 81% of parents finding them invaluable
Big Step Forward - new nursery foundations
12 March 2015
The new Mencap Children and Families’ Centre in Belfast, Northern Ireland has reached a major construction milestone, as the main steel work and first floor of the building have now been completed.