Learning Disability Week 2024

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What is Learning Disability Week?

Each year, the third week of June is Learning Disability Week.

It is when we make sure the world hears what life is like if you have a learning disability.

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The theme for this year's Learning Disability Week is "Do you see me?"

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"Do you see me?" is about challenging the barriers people with a learning disability face.

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We want to celebrate the things people with a learning disability bring to society.

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Learning Disability Week Easy Read

We've created an Easy Read guide to this years Learning Disability Week. 

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How can I get involved in Learning Disability Week?

If you would like to get involved with Learning Disability Week you can:

  • Campaign with Mencap to challenge the barriers that people with a learning disability face
  • Talk about and celebrate the amazing things that people with a learning disability are doing in your community .
  • Spread awareness of Learning Disability Week on social media by downloading and sharing our resources. 
  • Donate to Mencap to help us continue to campaign for people with a learning disability to live happy and healthy lives.

Get involved by fundraising

Whether it's the thrill of a skydive, baking treats, organising a lunch and learn or hosting a coffee morning at your school, workplace or sports group, we would massively appreciate your support! 

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Learning disability week resources

We've create assets for all of your social media channels, download and post them to share learning disability with your friends and family.

Download here:

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If you'd like to add a Learning Disability week signature to you emails you can find it here.

You can also download the email banner here.

We've created a custom Microsoft Teams background for learning disability week that you can download here:

If you're organising an event for learning disability week, we've created a poster you can download and print off here:

You can download the do you see me stamp to include in your promotions here:

Read the information pack for ideas on how to get involved and celebrate

People with a learning disability want to be seen, heard and valued

That's why we're calling for a change to improve statistics like these:

Only 26.7%

of adults with a learning disability are employed yet 86% of unemployed people with a learning disability want a paid job.

1 in 3

people with a learning disability spend less than 1 hour outside their home on a typical Saturday.


Over 2,000

people with a learning disability and/ or autistic people are currently locked away in mental health hospitals.

Information taken from our 2024 Mencap Manifesto

Say hello to Michael. 👋

Michael is challenging the barriers people with a learning disability face every day.

He's a Mencap Myth Buster, business owner, and competes at events at the Special Olympics for Great Britain. 

Watch the video

Being seen

Ellie achieved her lifelong dream and smashed boundaries as the first British Vogue cover model with Down's Syndrome. 

She wanted to make sure people with a learning disability were seen in society.

Watch the video

Donate to Mencap


could answer a call from someone in crisis who reaches out to our Learning Disability Helpline for support.


could help a trained caseworker stop a parent’s loved one from being wrongfully locked up in a mental health hospital.


could help pay for urgent legal support for a family in desperate need of advice to prevent their loved one being admitted to an in-patient unit.

Frequently asked questions about Learning Disability Week

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