What is New Style Jobseekers Allowance (New Style JSA)?  

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New Style JSA, short for New Style Jobseekers Allowance, is the name of a benefit that some people who are looking for work can get.

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The money is to help to pay for your living costs when you are looking for work.  

Living costs include things like rent , food and bills.   

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Some people get a benefit called income-related Jobseekers Allowance.  

You can not make a new claim for income-related Jobseekers Allowance.  

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If you are getting income-related JSA, you will carry on getting it as long as you still meet the rules to get income-related JSA.   

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If you are getting income-related JSA, you must tell Jobcentre Plus if your circumstances change.  For example if you start working or you start to get more money.  

Visit the government ’s guidance about the changes you need to tell Jobcentreplus about if you are getting income-related JSA

This page is about New Style JSA.

Can I get New Style JSA?

To get New Style JSA you must: 

  • live in the UK 
  • be 18 or over (you can sometimes get New Style JSA if you are 16 or 17)
  • be under the state pension age  
  • not be working, or work less than 16 hours per week on average
  • be able to start work if you find a job.
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To get New Style JSA...

You must have been an employee and paid Class 1 National Insurance or had National Insurance credits in the last 2 to 3 years. 

You pay Class 1 National Insurance if you earn more than £242 a week from 1 job. 

You might get National Insurance credits if you are unable to work because you are ill or are looking after someone. 

You must not:

  • have a disability or health condition that stops you from working 
  • be in full–time education .

You might be able to get Universal Credit at the same time as, or instead of, New Style JSA.  

If you get both benefits, your New Style JSA payments will reduce the amount of Universal Credit you receive.

You will also get different National Insurance credits which count towards your State Pension and help you qualify for other benefits.  

You can get New Style JSA for up to 182 days (about 6 months).

What checks are needed to get New Style JSA?

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will need to check:  

  • what work you have done in the last 6 months
  • how much money you get from a pension or annuity
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How much is New Style JSA?

From April 2024 – March 2025 the payments are:

  • up to £71.70 a week if you are under 25
  • up to £90.50 a week if you are 25 or over.

You will usually be paid every 2 weeks. 

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How to apply for New Style Jobseeker's Allowance

It's easy to apply for New Style Jobseeker's Allowance .

To find out how to apply for New Style Jobseeker's Allowance (New Style JSA), we have created a straightforward step-by-step digital guide to take you through the application process.  

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Frequently asked questions about New Style Jobseekers Allowance

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