Little Noise Sessions 2015

Stay tuned for this year's updates!

There’s an army of music fans waiting to be unleashed…

Live music, there’s nothing like it. The floor shakes, your ears ring, hundreds of people singing together. Sitting at home with the stereo on? There’s no competition.

People with a learning disability don’t always get that choice, though. You might need support with booking tickets, finding the venue, buying refreshments, and getting home late at night. But of course, if you love music, it’s worth it.

Everyone should be able to enjoy live music as much as anybody else - without the experience being ruined by bad attitudes, bad facilities or bad planning. Our Little Noise Sessions are all about getting everyone out for a great night of music.

There are thousands of rock ‘n’ roll obsessed, reggae loving, soul singing, jazz collecting, pop fans out there, who happen to have a learning disability. Let’s make sure the next time they want to see a gig, they can go.

This year’s line up is yet to be announced, but don't miss our updates!

Stay tuned!


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