Get involved with Learning Disability at work!

Are you a person with a learning disability who has a job?

Have you helped someone with a learning disability find work?

Maybe you’ve done work experience and it’s really helped?

Tell us about your experiences! We'd love to share your stories about people with a learning disability and work.

Get in touch on social media using #HereIAm

Are you interested in finding a work placement?

Are you or someone you know looking to secure a work experience placement? If so, Mencap may be able to help you! Please get in contact today:

For help finding placements in south of the UK please contact Paul Winter.

Could you provide a work experience placement?

Are you an employer? Could you provide a work experience placement for someone with a learning disability? If so, please please get in contact.

Work experience can provide a great boost in confidence for someone with a learning disability, it's also a vital step on the road to finding employment.


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Learning Disability Work Week 2018 stories

Watch the video and hear from Neil, Vicky, Maisey and Tara how much they enjoyed and gained from work experience.

Download our Good For Business brochure

Find out more about the benefits of employing people with a learning disability

Download resource Good For Business brochure

Back in 2013 we partnered up with Inclusive Employers to help provide positive and meaningful work placements for people with a learning disability. Learning Disability Work Week is an evolution of this great project, that celebrates the amazing contribution people with a learning disability can make to the work place.

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