Learning Disability Week 2015

Find out how you can take part 15-21 June

This year’s Learning Disability Week takes place 15-21 June.

Our Hear my voice campaign has successfully grabbed the attention of 830 political candidates who have said they are listening to the issues affecting people with a learning disability and their families But do you want to know something scary?

There are still so many politicians and people in a powerful position who don’t know what a learning disability is.

For this year’s Learning Disability Week we want that to change – and we need your support to do it. We want to reach out to the newly-elected politicians and people in a powerful position, and tackle the myths and misconceptions about learning disability that fuel prejudice and inequality.

We want you to share your stories about what learning disability means to you.  Will you join us?

If you are a Mencap Local Group, use the Learning Disability Week resources below to find out how you can play a major part in changing society during Learning Disability Week and throughout the next year.  

Watch this space for more information about Learning Disability Week 2015!

In the meantime

Learning Disability Week Local Group resources

Are you a Mencap Local Group? If so, use our downloadable step by step resources to find out how you can hold learning disability awareness raising events in your community and help change society.

Download our Learning Disability Week 2015 posters

Want to take part in Learning Disability Week 2015? Download our posters and help raise awareness in your area

Find out what a learning disability is and isn’t

There are 1.4 million people in the UK with a learning disability, but there are still many people who do not know what a learning disability is and isn't. Find out more with our guide.