Learning Disability Week

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Do you remember your first...

This Learning Disability Week 2014 (June 16-22), we asked you to celebrate people overcoming adversity, and people's prejudice and ignorance to experience their incredible firsts. Thousands of you showed your support by sharing your stories using the hashtag #LDWeek14

When we are children we all start out imagining that we will have the same special firsts - because we all want the same things from life. Love. Acceptance. To feel valued and free. We want people with a learning disability to have the same opportunities from their childhood and throughout every stage of their adult lives - and the same life-changing firsts as everyone else.

Each day we asked you to share your amazing first-time stories and experiences across the seven themes below.

Every story you shared is proof that all of us can have the same remarkable firsts throughout our lives, and that it’s our experiences that define us, not our disability.

Your first day at school - Monday

Starting school is an exciting time, but also a nervous one too. Share your stories about your first day at school.

Your first love - Tuesday

The butterflies in the stomach moment tells you it must be special. Share your stories about when you met your first love.

Your first job - Wednesday

Your first paid job is a milestone in becoming an independent adult.

Your first time voting - Thursday

Your first experience at the ballot box is the beginning of a lifetime of having a say in the decisions affecting your life.

Your first home - Friday

Picking up the keys to your first home is a landmark moment. Read about how people with a learning disability are living independently.

Your first time as a parent - Saturday

Becoming a parent is a joyous moment, marking the time when you're no longer responsible for just yourself.

Your first grey hair - Sunday

Grey hair is just one sign of getting older, and if you have a learning disability you may start thinking about the challenges and adventures of later life.

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Let's celebrate people's amazing first time experiences

Other firsts

There are many other different types of first time experiences - including everything from running a marathon, to becoming a volunteer.

Learning Disability Week - read our stories

All Learning Disability Week (June 16-22) we want you to share your stories of your incredible life changing first experiences across seven themes.

Learning Disability Week - how to share your story

Read our guide about how to share your story for Learning Disability Week

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