Changing Rosie's world

Tom knows better than anyone how Mencap can change lives. 

His daughter Rosie was born with Down's syndrome, and writing a blog about their day-to-day life first brought him into contact with Mencap. 

He says: "I've learned so much from Mencap about all aspects of learning disability. They continue to push boundaries with new and innovative ways to make society more accepting."

Tom's family learnt Rosie had Down's syndrome before she was born. With two sons already, they had to adjust to fitting a child with a learning disability into their family dynamic, also coping with a whole range of emotions as she underwent open heart surgery. Now seven years old, Rosie is a happy and much-loved family member.

"Rosie brings so much joy to our family and we wouldn't change a single thing about her" says Tom. "Yes, she does have a learning disability, but this is not what defines her."

Tom has found working with Mencap a hugely positive experience, providing a collective voice for families such as his, who may otherwise struggle to be heard. He particularly values the way their forward-thinking campaigns change the way society views learning disability. 

"Mencap do an amazing job of challenging the Government to do more, and of campaigning relentlessly for change. Without Mencap's knowledge, expertise and passion for change I really don't think progress could be made so effectively and efficiently."

And his hopes for Rosie's future?

"That she's able to receive the same support and opportunities as her peers in order to reach her full potential. I hope one day Rosie will have a good level of independence but am aware that this will only happen by receiving the right level of support."

"I would love to see a future where Rosie can thrive and be respected and valued in society for the wonderful girl she is and not judged because of her learning disability".

Now it's your chance to change the world for Rosie, and other people with a learning disability. Leaving a gift to Mencap in your Will can give them a brighter future filled with opportunities.

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