Are you a teacher, parent or student? We need your school to support Mencap.

Help us fulfil our vision of a world where people with a learning disability are treated equally and given the same opportunities as everyone else is.

Why support Mencap?

  • People with a learning disability are still one of the most excluded groups in society.
  • 8 out of 10 children with a learning disability are bullied.
  • 1 in 4 people with a learning disability spends less than 1 hour outside their home every day. 28% admits to feeling ‘isolated’ or ‘lonely’.

We provide vital services to people with a learning disability, their families and carers, we campaign for equal rights and we support self advocacy and independent living. One of our priorities is to raise awareness and change attitudes so that people with a learning disability are treated fairly and have access to the same opportunities as others.

You can help us achieve this by raising awareness of learning disability in your school and in the community and by raising funds that will help us do more to support people with a learning disability.

You’ll also be delivering elements of your citizenship/PSHE curriculum.

How you can support Mencap

There are many ways you can support Mencap at your school, including:

  • taking part in Get Arty!
  • a bake sale
  • a fancy dress no uniform day
  • a Spellathon
  • a sports day
  • raising awareness and funds during Learning Disability Week in June, Anti-Bullying Week in November or your own Charity Week.

Seven ways your school can prevent bullying

Here are some key things that schools can do to help prevent the bullying of students with SEN or a learning disability:

  1. Have a school policy against bullying.
  2. Create an inclusive school ethos and atmosphere.
  3. Raise awareness of disability amongst all students in mainstream schools.
  4. Support students to make and maintain friendships.
  5. Involve parents and carers as well as students in bullying prevention schemes.
  6. Provide training for teachers on bullying prevention.
  7. Provide training for teachers in mainstream schools on SEN and learning disability.

School-based bullying prevention programmes are most effective when they are intensive, long-term, and involve increased playground supervision, firm disciplinary methods, and the involvement of parents.

More information and advice about bullying.

How Mencap can support your school

Every school raising funds for Mencap receives a certificate to proudly display. Each school is different, so let us know your plans and we’ll see how we can support you. We could send information about learning disability and materials for events, for example.

Take part in our flagship fundraising project for schools, Get Arty!, and we'll send you a pack with everything you need, including an assembly plan, video and presentation for learning disability awareness.

Visit our schools fundraising resources page

Talk to us

Want to know more? Email us at or call 020 7696 6949.

Find out more about learning disability

Are you unsure what a learning disability is and isn't? If so, find out more. 

Find out more
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Take part in an event

Whether you want to run, cycle, swim, dodge balls or see some live music, there are many ways you can support our work and have fun!

Learn more
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Campaign with us

Want to help us change the world for people with a learning disability? If so, get involved in our campaigns!

Campaign with us

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