Mencap's Community Fundraising Team are on hand to help you get started with raising funds and awareness for Mencap.

Your local Area Fundraising Manager is here to help fundraising groups, support volunteers, regional corporates, individual fundraisers and any local organisations who want to support Mencap and the vital work we do to support people with a learning disability.

We can't wait for you to join Team Mencap!


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Email us at and we'll put you in touch with your local Area Fundraising Manager.

Meet the Team

Ryan Pitts

Job title:  Product Lead Community Fundraising

Location: Based in Kent

With over 17 years of marketing and fundraising experience in charities both large and small, Ryan heads up our team of talented and enthusiastic Area Fundraising Managers. Bringing fundraising support from Mencap direct to your local area. 

Ryan says: "Every day is different at Mencap and meeting our amazing supporters and volunteers is the best bit! We depend on them to help us raise the money to change the lives of children and adults with a learning disability."

Ahmed Khan

Job title: Senior Area Fundraising Manager

Location: London and South of England (based in London)

Ahmed started working in the Community Fundraising Team as an Area Fundraising Manager, but has since moved into his current role as Senior Area Fundraising Manager for the South of England.

Ahmed loves to work with and for people with a learning disability, their families, friends and carers. As a person who has a very close tie to learning disability himself, Ahmed goes above and beyond at any opportunity to ensure funds are being raised for Mencap, so that we can carry out the vital work we do.

As a fundraiser, Ahmed loves to be involved from the grassroots. He is a keen believer in a strong supporter journey, powerful fundraising tools and an in person, all-hands-on-deck, presence to all things in the South of England!

Daisy Brown

Job title: Area Fundraising Manager

Location: North of England (based in Halifax)

Daisy loves working with our Mencap supporters in the North of England, especially when their meetings are over a cup of Yorkshire tea! She enjoys managing our growing team of fundraising volunteers and helping them to gain the skills and experience they want to develop, whilst being champions for learning disability in their communities.

Daisy feels incredibly proud to be part of the Mencap family and she is passionate about creating inclusive, accessible opportunities for people with a learning disability. That's why she loves fundraising; it's a wonderful way to get everyone involved in something positive and life changing.

Hannah Norris

Job title: Area Fundraising Manager

Location: Central England (based in Birmingham)

Hannah started working for Mencap in May 2018, making her one of the newest members of the Community Fundraising Team. Hannah has been shocked to learn the extent to which people with a learning disability are still undervalued, not visible in our communities and lacking control over their own lives. She feels strongly that we all miss out when this happens. 

Hannah is very inquisitive and thinks people are infinitely interesting - she loves meeting people from all walks of life and hearing their motivations for supporting Mencap. She is looking forward to building close relationships with colleagues, businesses, volunteers, schools and community groups across Central England who wish to get involved with raising money and awareness for Mencap's vital work.

Laura Bruce

Job title: Area Fundraising Manager

Location: Wales and the Marches (based in St Asaph)

Laura joined Mencap in 2017. She has a family member with a learning disability, so has witnessed first-hand the difficulties faced day to day by people with a learning disability. 

Laura says: "I am passionate about making change. I love spending time with our supporters, finding out what their connection with learning disability is and helping to make their fundraising journey an incredible experience. I love to find new ways to fundraise in the community and make it an exciting activity to be part of. I love to talk to people from all walks of life, which is why fundraising is the perfect role for me."

Seán Conlon

Sean Conlon - Community Fundraiser

Job title: Senior Events & Area Fundraising Manager

Location: Northern Ireland (based in Belfast)

Seán joined Mencap in June 2017 as an Events Fundraising Manager and recently moved into his new role as Senior Events and Area Fundraising Manager in September 2018. With over 12 years of events, marketing and fundraising experience for both national and regional charities Seán brings a fun, enthusiastic and hands on approach to the fundraising team in NI.

Being a keen runner and mountain climbing, Seán has taken part in many challenges such as marathons in Belfast, Derry, Dublin, New York, London and Amsterdam and has also led and been a part of fundraising expedition hikes in Vietnam, Cuba, Tanzania, Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains, Base Camp Everest & Kilimanjaro.

Seán says: "I love helping people bring their fundraising ideas to life, taking a simple idea or concept and building it into a fundraising event to raise vital funds for Mencap. It gives me a great sense of pride when our fundraisers bring smiles to people’s faces and I really enjoy meeting our supporters from all across the country.”

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The areas we cover

This map shows the areas that each of our Area Fundraising Managers are responsible for:

You can download and view a larger version of this map here.

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