Equal healthcare for everyone

We want people with a learning disability to stop being denied equal healthcare, and dying when their lives could be saved. They receive fewer health screenings, and are often treated by doctors and nurses who do not understand learning disability. This is despite the fact that people with a learning disability are more likely to have poor health or suffer from serious conditions like epilepsy and dementia.

  • All people with a learning disability have a human right to equal healthcare.

  • All people with a learning disability should receive an annual health check.

  • All NHS staff must understand the needs of people with a learning disability, and receive training to meet these needs.

You can help make change happen.

Support our Getting it right campaign

Join our campaign for equal healthcare for all - and get your healthcare authority to sign up to our Getting it right charter.

Find out more about our Death by indifference campaign

Our campaign revealed the shocking deaths of six people with a learning disability in NHS care.

Daisy's story

When my nine-year-old daughter Daisy died, a doctor at the hospital said to me: "It's almost like losing a child".  What did he think my beautiful daughter was?

Emma's story

Emma was just 26 when she died. She had a severe learning disability, which meant she sometimes had difficulty communicating how she felt.

Kirsty's story

Kirsty died aged 17 on 29 August 2003. The causes of her death were pulmonary oedema and ventricular failure.

Cathy and Victoria's stories

Cathy and Victoria's stories of how they were treated by their doctors.

Louise's story

Louise is 44. She lives in a residential home in Devon along with three other people.

The Disability Partnership

Find out about our partnership with the National Autistic Society, Scope and Sense, and how we work together to address issues affecting disabled people and their families within health and care services.