Hate Crime Awareness Week

Speaking out against hate crime

We're supporting Hate Crime Awareness Week this week, along with Victim Support, Stop Hate UK and the rest of the National Hate Crime Network.

The purpose of the week is to raise awareness of what hate crime is and how serious it is, encourage reporting of hate crime to the police, and promote local support services and resources

For us at Mencap, this is an important opportunity to raise awareness of disability hate crime. Why? Because in the last two years alone there were 124,000 disability hate crimes. That’s almost 1,200 every single week. But, only 3% of these were recorded by the police, and only 1% resulted in prosecutions.

Hate crime robs people of their confidence, their independence and, sometimes, their lives. 

Read our easyread guide on what to do if you're a victim of hate crime.

Don't tolerate hate crime - report it

I am DCI Melanie Palin and I have been a police officer in South Yorkshire for the last 21 years. South Yorkshire Police is committed to preventing people from being victims of crime, and for bringing offenders to justice. It is our job to protect people.

Easy read: what to do if you are a victim of hate crime

Download our easy read guide on what to do if you are a victim of hate crime.

What is hate crime?

For this discussion blog, the Campaigns assistants, Ciara, Youssef, Leroy and Josie, discuss their thoughts on learning disability hate crime and how people with a learning disability are treated by the justice system...

Four things you probably didn't know about disability hate crime

Campaigns lead Jo Davies challenges what you really know about hate crime - some of the facts may surprise you...

My experience of hate crime

My name is Richard Lawrence. I am a Projects Support Assistant at Mencap. I have a learning disability. For Hate Crime Awareness Week, I have written a blog about learning disability hate crime, my personal story and how I still feel emotionally affected.

When it comes to hate crime, things can only get better

For Hate Crime Awareness Week, Simon Parkinson, Director of external relations at Mencap, writes about the current situation of disability hate crime in the UK...

What can you do to help?