We have produced a series of guides about ensuring your rights to receive social care are protected.

Download the guides below to find out more. 

Know your rights campaigning guides


Know your rights – what is a consultation?

This guide explains what a consultation is, when they are held, what they look like and how to respond 

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Know your rights – day services

This guide looks at why day services are important, what changes have happened in recent years, and what the responsibilities are of local authorities


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Know your rights – eligibility for care & support

This guide looks at what the eligibility criteria is for receiving care and support, what the new national standard is, and how local authorities apply the eligibility threshold

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Know your rights - short breaks

Find out what a short break is, about the eligibility assessment, what to do if your support has been cut, and how to find out if short breaks are available

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Know your rights – the Care Act

Find out what the Care Act 2014 is, about the wellbeing principle, personal budgets and direct payments, and information about advocacy and carers

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Know your rights - assessments (easy read)

This easy read guide looks at the rights of people with a learning disability when being assessed for social care

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