Profound Impact Day

People with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) are, like everyone, unique individuals.

Like everyone, they need inclusion, respect and with the right support are able to live fulfilling lives.

For Profound Impact Day on 21 May 2019, along with PAMIS, PMLD Link and Centre 404, we focused on the issues facing people with PMLD in hospital, which tied in with our Treat Me Well campaign

We know there are huge issues in hospital with how healthcare professionals involve people with PMLD and their carers in partnership. We want to challenge this.

What we want

Alongside PAMIS, PMLD Link and Centre 404 we wanted to use Profound Impact Day to:

  • help healthcare professionals understand the importance of working in partnership with people with PMLD and their supporters, and how to make this happen
  • equip people with PMLD and their supporters to feel prepared for a hospital visit and understand their rights in hospital.
Two women sat together on black sofa.

Resources to help you

We've created a number of resources to improve the experiences people with PMLD, as well their supporters and the healthcare workers treating them, have in hospital.

The resources are:

Created in partnership

These resources have been created in partnership with PAMISPMLD Link and Centre 404.

Watch and share our video

We brought together people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD), their supporters and healthcare professionals to discuss how working in partnership can help improve the experiences of hospital care for people with PMLD.

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More about PMLD

Find out more about profound and multiple learning disabilities in the advice and support section of our website .


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