World renowned photographer Rankin recently took some photos of people with a learning disability for our Here I Am campaign.

Take a look at the photos below from the shoot and hear from the people who took part.


Rahima was thrilled to get involved with the Here I Am campaign and loved having her photo taken by top Photographer, Rankin.

Talking about the photoshoot, Rahima said, “I felt like everybody else. I felt included.’


"I would like to be more confident, sometimes I hold back myself and don’t get fully confident.

"When I’ve been doing jobs previously and work experience I found it a bit hard to understand so I needed some help and direction.

"I think it is good to try and learn new thing that you’ve never done before. I like to give things a go and if I don’t like it, that’s okay."


"To anyone who has not met someone with a learning disability, I would tell them to be patient.

"I still have issues with certain words but due to my drama I know you just breath and take time and read. Now, I’m confident in acting and public speaking."

Richard and Esther

"One thing I would say to someone who has a learning disability; be proud of who you are, don’t be ashamed to have a learning disability.

"You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. If you’ve got a disability, don’t hold yourself back, put yourself out there.

"There are always people who can support you, there is better training and better support."


"Its great to see people with a learning disability deciding on what sort of life they want.

"If they want to get married it’s their choice, getting married is a wonderful thing and it’s their decision. Whether they want to have a baby or not, it’s their decision.

"I don’t want to get married - not for me, but it’s their decision, it’s their lives. We’re all equals."


"If I could give one piece of advice to someone who doesn’t know anything about learning disability, I would say to treat them the same as everybody else."


"People with a learning disability should be treated the same as someone without a learning disability. Yes we sometimes need a little extra help, but we are the same as other people.

"I don’t feel different, I’m just Joe."


"It’s difficult describing what having a learning disability is like. But I believe if you put your mind to it then anybody can achieve their dreams.

"My dreams are to be famous, like a fashion model in advertisements."

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