Activism Week 2020

This year's Activism Week is from the 19 to 23 October 2020. For the week, we're calling for #ClearCovidCommuncation.

We're asking politicians to speak in an accessible way when talking about coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Watch our video to find out more about why #ClearCovidCommunication is important for people with a learning disability.

If you agree and would like to ask people to speak more accessibly about coronavirus then please share our video.

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Hear from Vijay

When I watch the coronavirus briefings on TV I do not really understand what the politicians are saying. They don’t explain it very clearly, they use complicated jargon which is very confusing for me.

It makes me feel angry because the politicians need to realise that people with a learning disability need to be able to understand the rules clearly so that we know what’s going on and can follow them.

I would like the politicians to produce an easy read document for us whenever there are changes made to the rules. We need to be able to understand what they mean, not in complicated jargon - having pictures with words alongside explaining what it is. It’s needs to be accessible, not confusing!

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About coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have created lots of accessible and easy read information about coronavirus and the rules that the government have put in place.

Take a look at our coronavirus webpages to find out more.

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