We want FamilyHub to be a safe, supportive community so we've made a few house rules. Each time you use FamilyHub you're agreeing to stick to them.

Be supportive 

Whether you're a regular poster, or prefer to sit back and read, however you choose to get involved in FamilyHub please be supportive of other users. 

Be aware that people might be going through challenging times and might feel sensitive and vulnerable. Please think how your posts could come across, especially if you're feeling frustrated or upset yourself.  

Be kind 

Please don't post anything that could cause upset or that treats anyone unfairly because of their race, gender, beliefs or any other factor. If you wouldn't say it to someone's face, don't say it online. For a more detailed explanation of the sorts of things we think are inappropriate and aren't allowed on FamilyHub, see our terms and conditions.  

Keep it clean 

Please don't use swear words in your posts, and avoid using shouty capital letters; some people can find them upsetting. 

Stay calm 

If you see a post that is offensive, or breaks our house rules in any way, don't rise to it and don't reply. People who post abusive or offensive messages are often looking for attention. Instead, use the flag button to highlight inappropriate posts to us. 

You can also send an email to community@mencap.org.uk with a link to the post and why you think it is inappropriate. 

Keep it relevant 

FamilyHub is a community for parents and family carers of people with a learning disability. It's not meant for professionals. If you'd like to share details of an event, fundraising, research or petition, please ask permission first by emailing community@mencap.org.uk  

Remember all posts are public

FamilyHub is a public community so anyone can see what you post so:

  • never post personal details online,
  • make sure your FamilyHub username does not identify you (don't use your full name - a nickname is better), and
  • make sure you ask permission before posting photos of someone else.

For more information about being safe online, check out staysafeonline.org 

Don't play doctor

We know it can be tempting to offer advice when you want to help someone, but dishing out medical information can be really dangerous, especially if you don't know someone's medical history. It's better to suggest that they talk to their GP.  

Double check 

Remember that not all of the information and advice you find online is accurate. If someone gives you some advice, especially about healthcare, make sure you double check with a professional. Speak to your pharmacist or GP if you have a question, or call the NHS 111 service if you have an urgent medical concern. 

Get in touch 

If you have any questions at all, or see anyone breaking these house rules, please get in touch by emailing community@mencap.org.uk  

Thank you for sticking to our house rules 

It really helps to keep FamilyHub a friendly environment. Just so you know, we will remove posts that are inappropriate and not in line with the supportive spirit of FamilyHub but we will get in touch with you to explain why. If you consistently break these house rules we'll have to remove you from FamilyHub (though we hope this doesn't happen!).

Have a look at our FamilyHub terms and conditions for more information about how FamilyHub is moderated and how to report inappropriate content.

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