What is FamilyHub?

FamilyHub is an online community for parents and family carers of people with a learning disability. It is managed by Mencap, but first and foremost it's a place for parents to connect and share their experiences.

Who is it for?

FamilyHub is for parents and family carers of people with a learning disability. It’s a community that connects parents who have a child/children with a learning disability, to share experiences, triumphs and challenges, and to offer support and guidance to other families who are in a similar situation. FamilyHub isn’t a platform for support workers or other professionals. 

What sort of thing can I post about?

All sorts! We've created areas within FamilyHub where you can talk about diagnosis, children and young people, school and education, fun and friendships, care and support, planning ahead, housing, health, money and benefits, employment, and siblings. But, if you have a question to ask or a story to share outside of these topics, feel free to post away!  

How do I join?

Joining FamilyHub is simple. You just need to click the 'sign up' button on this page, and follow the steps. You'll need to fill out a form and check your emails for a confirmation. Make a note of your login details so you remember how to log in to FamilyHub in future. 

How do I make a post?

It's easy to make your first post. Here are some more detailed instructions to help you! 

How do I reply to a post?

If you read a post you'd like to reply to, make sure you are logged in, then simply click the button that says 'reply' at the bottom of the message. A box that you can type your message into will automatically open. Click the 'reply' button again and your message will be sent. 

What do I do if someone has broken the house rules?

If you see someone break our house rules, please let us know. Send an email to: community@mencap.org.uk and we'll take a look.

What happens if I break the house rules?

If you post something that goes against our house rules, we might edit or delete your post, but we'll always let you know why we did. If you keep breaking the rules we might ask you to leave FamilyHub all together (but we hope that doesn't happen!) 

I'm worried about someone, what can I do?

If you are worried about the safety and wellbeing of a member of the community, or the safety and wellbeing of somebody that a community member cares for, please get in touch with the team at community@mencap.org.uk, refer the person to our helpline 0808 808 111 or the Samaritans on 116 123.

I want to talk to someone in private, can I give them my details?

It's best not to share your personal contact details over the internet. Instead, you can send direct messages on FamilyHub so you can keep things private. Simply click on someone's username, visit their profile page, and click the pink 'Message' button. 

I've got a petition I'd like to share, can I post it on FamilyHub?

We know how powerful petitions can be, but it might not be appropriate to post it on FamilyHub. Please get in touch first to discuss it with us. You can email us on: community@mencap.org.uk 

I'm doing some fundraising for Mencap, can I post my fundraising link on FamilyHub?

Firstly, thank you for supporting Mencap! FamilyHub is a place for parents and carers to connect, so it might not be appropriate to promote your page. Please get in touch first to discuss it with us. You can email us on: community@mencap.org.uk

Is FamilyHub monitored?

FamilyHub is monitored, and someone will be checking it regularly throughout the week Monday-Friday. If you need urgent help or support, you can call Samaritans for free - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - on 116 123.

What does Mencap do with my information?

By joining FamilyHub you’re agreeing to us storing the details you provide. It also means you allow us to email you about the community with news that we hope you'll find useful - and you can unsubscribe from these updates at any time. When you sign up there is also the option to receive wider email marketing news from Mencap. You can go to your profile on the website to further manage your preferences.  

Please also see our privacy policy and terms and conditions. Any questions? Get in touch at community@mencap.org.uk  

By posting content on FamilyHub you grant Mencap permission to use, adapt and distribute such content on other channels.

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