Our employment services support people with a learning disability into paid work across the country.

Read the answers to your frequently asked questions below to find out how we can help you or a loved one to find work. 

How do I access Mencap's employment services?

We will need to check where you live and how old you are. We have lots of services but each has its own criteria to decide who has access.

This is decided by the funder, not by Mencap. If you contact our Learning Disability Helpline, they will be able to tell you which is your local service. Then your local service can help you find out about access.

Do I need to pay to access the employment service?

There are eligibility criteria for each service. If you meet them, the service is likely to be free.

If you do not meet the criteria or there is no service available, you may be able to use a personal budget or education, health and care (EHC) plan to purchase the service.

Get in touch with us or talk to your local service to find out more.

What can the employment service offer me?

Mencap has over 40 years of experience of supporting people with a learning disability into paid work. Depending on what service is available in your area, we can help you learn new skills, gain confidence, be involved in work experience placements and hopefully find a job!

What is Employ Me?

Employ Me is Mencap’s own employment programme.

We have developed it with people with a learning disability so we know that it works.

Employ Me is designed to help people with a learning disability to learn new skills and to find work.

How long will I be supported by Mencap?

This will depend on which programme you are on and how much support you need.

Our staff will work with you to decide the right level of support for you.

Will my benefits be affected by being on a Mencap programme?

Being on our programme should not affect your benefits.

What impact will paid employment have on my benefits?

Having a paid job can sometimes affect your benefits.

You can speak to a member of your local Mencap support service or call our Learning Disability Helpline to get advice and find out if your benefits will be affected.

Can Mencap support me to do voluntary work?

You will need to speak to a member of Mencap staff locally in your local service to see if we can offer this.

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The Learning Disability Helpline is our free help and advice line.

Our team can offer advice, information and discuss what support Mencap can offer tailored to your needs, in your area.

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