We believe all doctors and nurses need the right training to make sure people with a learning disability get the best possible healthcare. 

But, our research shows that 1 in 4 healthcare professionals has never been given training about learning disability. This is unacceptable.

The Government's consultation is an important opportunity for us to change this. 

What we want

Since we launched our Treat me well campaign in February 2018, we've been calling loud and clear for nurses and doctors to get the training they urgently need. 

This was also one of the recommendations in the 2018 report from the Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR), and was the central call of Paula McGowan’s Parliamentary petition.

We've been campaigning alongside Paula, whose son, Oliver, died in hospital in 2016. You can read her story here.

The Government's response

The Government has now agreed that all relevant NHS staff in England should be trained about learning disability.

They are holding a consultation with the public from Wednesday 13 February to Friday 12 April 2019.

The results of the consultation will inform what the Government do next, and how they roll out learning disability training to NHS staff in England.

Mandatory training will be an important step forward in bringing about a fairer healthcare system for people with a learning disability.

What you can do

We want lots of people with a learning disability, family members, carers, campaigners and health care professionals to take part in the consultation.

You can now complete the consultation online.

An easy read version of the consultation is also available here on the GOV.uk website. You may also find this easy read guide to completing the consultation useful.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to submit your response online, you can request a paper copy by emailing trainingconsultation@dhsc.gov.uk (responses and questions can also be sent to this address). 

You have until Friday 12 April to submit your responses.

Complete the consultation

You can complete the Government's consultation on mandatory training for NHS healthcare professionals online today!


See our easy read guide

We've created an easy read guide to help you take part in the Government's consultation on mandatory learning disability training for doctors and nurses in the NHS.

Download resource Easy read guide to the Government's consultation

Watch the video

Watch our video to find out more about the consultation and why we need you to take part.

Your support can make all the difference. 

Complete the consultation online here.


Complete the consultation

You can complete the Government's consultation on mandatory training for NHS healthcare professionals online today!


Find out more

If you have any questions please contact our campaigns team at campaigns@mencap.org.uk, or the Department for Health and Social Care at trainingconsultation@dhsc.gov.uk.

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