Family blogs

Each blog looks at the day-to-day experiences of living with a learning disability. Keep checking back for the latest entries!

Heidi's blog

My name is Heidi Crowter and I have Down's Syndrome.

Annabel's blog

Meet Freddie - 10 years old, full of beans and enjoying life to the full, all 47 chromosomes of him.

Carol's blog

It's amazing how little things can trigger memories.

Christina's blog

I was two years old when my parents introduced me to my new baby brother, Nick.

David's blog

I am the father of two very excitable special needs children, Joshua aged eleven and Sally aged nine. 

Emma's blog

Hi, my name is Emma. I live on the Wirral with my Mum, Dad and Joe, my brother who is 13 years old.

Jan's blog

My name is Jan, I'm 33 years old and have five children, three of whom have special needs.

Jo's blog

My name is Jo, I am wife to Mark and I am mom to Hannah, Rebecca and Rachel.

Mandy's blog

Charlotte is my daughter. She is 12 years old, blonde and pretty (although I am biased of course) and has severe autism.

Sue's blog

I am Sue and I live with my husband Jeff, our 17 year old daughter Tamara and our son Jamie who is 13 and has severe autism.