Neil is in his 50s and lived with his parents until March 2016, when he moved into his own home supported by Mencap. Earlier this year he voted for the first time.

“My Dad and Mum voted,” remembers Neil. “My dad would tell me who he thought was good and who he voted for. Now my dad has a postal vote as he is a bit older, so he does it by post.”

Trish, my support worker told me about voting. I thought it was really good and that it was a very grown up thing to do. Now I live on my own and I can do things that I like. Trish sorted all of the papers out for me and we talked about the election and voting.”

In the local elections on 4 May earlier this year, Neil voted for the first time in his life.

“Carl, my support worker took me in his car and I went to the old scout hut. It used to be an old driving school.” Neil explained. “I looked at the board and Carl read it out to me. This told me who I could vote for. I went to the counter and told a lady my name and address. I had to put a cross on the card of who I was voting for. It was not at all how I imagined it would be. It was all right, actually. I was quite happy about it. I felt really grown up.”

Neil is now planning to vote in the General Election on June 8.

“I like to watch the TV with my staff and talk about the election. You can watch on TV and they tell you all about it. I like talking to my staff and sometimes people at the day centre about this. Staff have printed the easy read manifestos for the parties and all of the people you can vote for. I’ve got some leaflets and stuff.”

“I’m Interested in things around Bassetlaw, which is where I live. I’m interested in things that may affect people with learning disabilities. I’m interested in global climate change and recycling. They are all really important issues.”

“I think that everyone should vote. It’s very important.”

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