I watched the first episode of the new Undataebles series last week. As some one with a learning disability, I felt it really showed a positive image of people with a disability in their hunt to find love and relationships. I really want to praise Channel 4 for showing the new series.

Last year I wrote a blog about what I like about The Undateables, you can read it below or Read the easy version of my blog here.

As someone with a learning disability, I think that people with a learning disability have a right to able to go out on dates, meet partners and to have relationships. 

Often, on TV, people with a learning disability are shown in a certain way. I think having real people with disabilities dealing with real life issues proves those are just wrong.

What do I like about The Undateables?

I like the way that each person who has been featured in the programme talks about their dream to meet someone and be in a good relationship. I also like the way that the people from the dating agencies support the people on the show to be positive about going on dates.

The episode I most enjoyed was the episode where a girl called Kate who has Down’s syndrome talked about finding her dream man. I liked the poems that she wrote. They were about how she wanted to fall in love and get married.

I could understand how she felt, because when I was growing up I wanted to have the same things as her.

I think that the programme has also really helped to raise awareness of disability within the media and has helped to challenge people's attitudes about disability.

Celebrity comments about the show

As I use twitter a lot, I have seen that lots of celebrities and people in the public eye have said good things about the show and how much they liked it.

Harry Judd from the band McFly said, 'The Undateables is such an awesome programme. Very moving'.

Lucy Spraggan who was a contestant on last year's series of the TV show X Factor said, ‘The Undateables is incredible.’

Lydia Bright from the TV show The Only Way Is Essex said, 'Thank god for channel 4 plus one. I love The Undateables. My new favourite show.’

Negative comments

Some people have been saying negative comments about the people on the show on places like twitter. This is horrible and is bullying. These kinds of attitudes prove that some people still don't understand disability.

Overall though, I think it is great that Channel 4 decided to show a second series of the programme. I hope that the series will continue. The series has helped to show positive stories of people with a disability.