My name’s Sion, I am 30 years old and I live on Anglesey, North Wales. Recently I have lost nealy four and a half stone in weight and I am going to share my slimming secret with you.

In 2013 I was at The Special Olympics in Bath with my Mum. I told her I wanted to go out and look good for girls. We decided that we would join Slimming World when we returned home. 

My Slimming World consultant has been great from the start.  She has encouraged me, giving me the confidence to chat in the class after the weigh-ins. I enjoy attending the weekly classes. I listen to others in the class talking and give suggestions if someone has a problem or needs ideas of what to eat. 

Mum and me are a good slimming team! We encourage one another and Mum helps me work out the syns (The amount of foods I can enjoy on Slimming World that most diets ban). Mum buys the Slimming World magazines and we enjoy reading them. I look at the different recipes and tick the ones I like and Mum tries cooking them. I also enjoy cooking healthier food. I make my own breakfast and I also enjoy cooking my own tea. My favourite meal that I cook is an Omelette. 

I enjoy teasing my Mum before class by saying “no way have you lost this week but I bet I have”.  

I am very good at saying no to temptation. If someone offers me something I know is not good for me like cake or hot dogs I know it is ok to say no. I recently went out for food with Mum and her friend and while they had cake, I had a nice bowl of fruit!

It is hard to lose weight and I work very hard to keep to plan. I do get upset and frustrated when I maintain or gain weight and I always want to know why. It’s all part of the journey.

I like to be healthy by being very busy and active. I work all week at a local social enterprise called Tyddyn Mon. I really enjoy going out in the van and helping to empty the recycle bins. I attend both Mencap Mon and Mon Independents. On a Monday I play football, swim on a Tuesday and go to Athletics on a Wednesday. I also like to ride my exercise bike, row on the rowing machine, and go for long walks. 

My favourite exercise is walking. I really like walking over Mynydd Parys in Amlwch and I recently took my friend Gwilym for a walk there. He has lived in Amlwch all his life but had never been for a walk there! 

I have achieved a lot more since becoming healthy. This year I went to the Swansea games and won 8 medals. I found it a lot easier to keep up and do the sport since loosing weight. I have also run 5k with Mum and although it was hard I did it in a good time. 

I have lost nearly four and a half stone so far feel better and healthier. My doctor is very happy with my weight loss, especially as it means my sleep apnoea is better! I was XXXL size and now a medium size.  I am still aiming for my Slimming Target and am looking forward to going out shopping for new clothes when I reach it. 

I love Slimming World and keeping healthy. They are very important to me and I have even been encouraging my friends to sign up!