I feel secure knowing that there is someone here for me 24/7, in case my anxieties ever get to a level where I can't control them, and need staff to help me.

There are support staff here to help me in case I ever become so ill that I need treatment, or need to go to hospital. Having support overnight means that there is always someone there to monitor the situation and take the right steps to make me feel better.

Support workers who do sleep-in shifts do so well being away from home, and I know it may be hard for them, especially if they are staying away from their loved ones.

It's nice having people here all the time, especially when we get to do activities like film nights, singing nights and have a take-away.

I also enjoy having the support to complete my college coursework in the evenings. 

Lastly, I feel that support workers who do sleep-in shifts, and all support staff, are very hard-working and brave when having to work under pressure.

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The Government's bill to the care sector for six years back pay is a threat to the vital support for thousands of disabled people. 

Please sign our petition to #StopSleepInCrisis by urging the Government to fix this problem, which they have created.

The future care of the most vulnerable people in our society must be protected.

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Do you or a loved one pay for care out of a personal budget or by direct payments? If you're worried about being personally liable for 6 years back pay and want to talk publicly about your concerns, please contact our media team on reallifestories@mencap.org.uk so we can help you get your voice heard. 

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The care sector has been landed with a £400 million bill, and many providers now face bankruptcy.

The Government has caused this problem and only they can fix it.

Sign our petition now to #StopSleepInCrisis and help keep vulnerable people safe.

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