My son Lloyd has a severe learning disability and he receives a personal budget (Direct Payment) from his Local Authority to pay for his 24/7 care needs. 

An essential part of that care involves staying overnight.

Lloyd and our family’s life has been transformed by 'sleep-in' support. He gets to live in his own house, make his own choices and be as independent as possible. 

I heard back in January that my son’s staff should have been paid minimum wage for this work. As Lloyd is classed as the employer he could receive a personal demand of £45,000 back pay which is due to his staff. 

The support workers who we pay to provide Lloyds care rightfully came to us earlier this year saying that guidance had changed and they should be paid at least the minimum wage for 'sleep-in' shifts and that they are owed 6 years back-pay. Lloyd's care workers are amazing people - they make his new independent life possible. They deserve to be paid correctly and what they are entitled to.

Lloyd will require addition funds to his personal budget to cover these new costs. I have contacted the Local Authority with back pay details. They did not respond. 

After a number of months and a variety of different approaches I've still not received any response from them. I am very disappointed that they haven't responded.

Lloyd's staff have informed me that they have taken legal advice. As Lloyd is classed as the employer he will be expected to pay this back pay and his personal budget does not cover these costs. I am most concerned. The Government and the Local Authority need to sort this out. I, and Lloyd, should not have been placed in this position.

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The Government's bill to the care sector for six years back pay is a threat to the vital support for thousands of disabled people. 

Please sign our petition to #StopSleepInCrisis by urging the Government to fix this problem, which they have created.

The future care of the most vulnerable people in our society must be protected.

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Do you or a loved one pay for care out of a personal budget or by direct payments? If you're worried about being personally liable for 6 years back pay and want to talk publicly about your concerns, please contact our media team on so we can help you get your voice heard. 

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The care sector has been landed with a £400 million bill, and many providers now face bankruptcy.

The Government has caused this problem and only they can fix it.

Sign our petition now to #StopSleepInCrisis and help keep vulnerable people safe.

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