I first became interested in maths when I was about 5 years old. I enjoyed using all the different symbols and numbers to make sums. It felt like another alphabet. I still love maths now; I enjoy working things out and using sums to find out information.

People often say maths is really hard. I don’t get why they say it, but maybe they think differently and are really good at something else.

I got A* in maths at GCSE and A Level, and was maybe a bit surprised that my grades were that good, as I didn't really study for the maths exams. But I was pleased to have achieved those grades!

My love of maths is one of the reasons I am so pleased to have got a paid internship at the Financial Times.

I took my first step on the career ladder by calling Mencap and joining their Employ Me programme. It felt like a step in the right direction. They helped me find work experience at lots of different places including at the Wellcome Trust, where I did data mining, at Fujitsu, where I helped out with admin tasks, and a two-week work experience placement at the Financial Times.

At the Financial Times I worked on pivot tables and excel sheets, to find data and put them into a slide show or bar graphs. I also assisted with changing the results of a questionnaire in PowerPoint, so that the answers were up-to-date. The best part of being at the FT was learning about how to use pivot tables, as I had never seen them before, and found them really useful.

People often say they don’t like using Excel, but I love it as I can work sums out without needing a calculator.

I really enjoyed my two weeks of work experience at the Financial Times, so once it was over, I asked if I could do some long-term volunteering to boost my skills. I was really pleased when not only did they say yes, but they offered me a part-time paid internship!

This is the testament to Joe's recognised talent. I'm hoping this is his first step to a much longer career with the FT!" - Jacqui Dobson, Head of Department at the Financial Times

I wasn't expected to be paid for the work, but I think it's great that this is how it has turned out. I am now an Intern in the Global Advertising Team. My family thought it was great! I’m happy to be earning money, it’s motivation to work harder.

I get along well with the people at the Financial Times. They are friendly and it is quite a relaxed environment.

In the future I’d like to have a job that I am good at and that I enjoy, but I have no idea what the future holds. Let’s see!


*Names have been changed

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