PMLD stands for profound and multiple learning disability.

People with PMLD can be people who are in wheelchairs and are sometimes not able to communicate verbally; instead they may use facial expressions, body language, eye contact or Makaton. They may also need advocates, support workers or social workers to help with their communication.

Profound Impact Day is held each year, this year it is on Tuesday 21 May

I think it is very important to have this day each year to raise awareness of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and the issues that affect them. I think that more needs to be done to make the public aware of PMLD (and learning disability in general) so more people can develop their understanding.

A man in a red shirt stood smiling next to a man in a wheelchair who is also smiling. The wall behind them is decorated with an underwater scene.

For people with PMLD reasonable adjustments in the community can help them to lead a more independent life.

They can also be helpful when a person is in hospital. For example, if a person with PMLD has to have an operation the doctors will explain to the parent/supporter what is going to happen at all times and how long the operation will last. If the person with PMLD does communicate verbally then the doctors will have to listen to the parents/supporter.

I think that better awareness training for all hospital staff (not just doctors) on profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) will help to improve the treatment people with PMLD receive in hospital.

As I have been a peer advocate for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, I have a greater understanding of the issues facing other people with PMLD.

I fight for their rights and help by doing things like if a person is not able to speak up at a meeting then I will be there to speak up on their behalf, to bet their voice and help get their opinions heard.

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Profound Impact Day 2019

On 21 May we celebrated Profound Impact Day, focusing on the issues facing people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) in hospital.

We know there are huge issues in hospital with how heathcare professionals involve people with PMLD and their carers in partnership. We want to challenge this and use Profound Impact Day to:

  • help healthcare professionals understand the importance of working in partnership with people with PMLD and their supporters, and how to make this happen
  • equip people with PMLD and their supporters to feel prepared for a hospital visit and understand their rights in hospital.
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