Today (23 November) was the Autumn Statement. This is where the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, presents to Parliament how the economy is doing and how well it will do in the future.

The Chancellor also talks about what things the Government will spend money on.

The Government wants to continue with the £30 a week cut to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). This will affect new people in the work related activity group from April 2017. It will also affect people with the new Universal Credit benefit.

Myself and other people with a learning disability have been campaigning against this cut for quite some time.

I feel very upset that the Government wants to continue with this £30 a week cut. I think it is not fair because it will mean a lot to people with a learning disability will have less money. The Government needs to think about this again.

I feel shocked that the government is not providing enough money to help people with a learning disability find work. The Government needs to take more responsibility in supporting disabled people to find work and stop cutting our benefits. 

I’m also shocked the Government did not put any more money into social care. Social care is really important to make sure that people can have support in their home, look after their finances and live independently. Social care is really important so that people with a learning disability are part of their local community.

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