Guy and Susannah's brother Max has a learning disability. Max will join Guy and Susannah to help make this year's dodgeball tournament an even greater success. Guy tells the story.

My brother Max has special needs and has been supported by Mencap most of his life. I wanted to start something that could help to support the invaluable work they have been doing for so many years.

I realised that there were very few charity events which 20-30 something’s could go to which had an affordable ticket price. Too many £80 black tie fundraisers and not enough good value fancy dress events! 

That is why we created our dodgeball tournament. Not only is it affordable but it also taps into the huge latent demand out there that post graduates have towards charitable events.

We have so many highlights, but I love seeing the variations of the fancy dress. We have had aliens turn up in homemade space ships, the Flintstones rocked up with the whole family driving a cardboard Flintstones car, and we have even had stewardesses drop in with their own plane.

This year’s after party is going to be bigger than ever. Previously, we have had to move the party after the event which has caused a few people to flake off, but now there is no need to do this and so there should be much more of a festival feeling throughout the day and night.

Watch the Mencap dodgeball videos on Youtube to get an idea of what to expect, but the atmosphere is impossible to portray accurately. The best way to understand it is to get involved!

A good motivational tactic is to get your team to watch the film Dodgeball – it’s a true underdog story. It is a great way of learning the rules of the game.

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