This blog is about my experience filming a video for the Safe Surfing project.

The video is called "What information should I share about myself online?"

In the video my colleague Dean talks about what he shares online, whether it is shopping, banking or going on social media. Dean has a learning disability too.

In the video we say that:

  • Facebook settings should be set to private 
  • Look out for the S in the web address, it means the website is secure
  • Report cyber bullying to the website you are on
  • Don’t share your personal details on the internet unless it's safe to do so.

You can watch the video here.

The video is for training and is going to be used all over Europe to help people with a learning disability learn to be safe online.

My colleagues and I wrote the script for the video in a few meetings. We talked about how the video was going to made and how to make it accessible. Most of the video is animation to make it really visual.

I filmed it with my colleagues Dean, Chani and Wayne, plus some other people too.

I think it’s great and catches people's attention, it’s important to learn things as accessibly as possible and be safe doing things we like on the internet.

Four other countries in Europe have also made films and now I have to do the English voice-overs for them. I’ve already done the voice-over for the Spanish film, which was hard at times because I had to repeat what I said and the script was a bit difficult as it was translated. 

All the hard work has been worth it because we have a great film and polished voice-overs to boot. I really enjoyed working on it.